Bespoke parts produced through plastic injection molding and overmolding

We design and develop technical parts made from high performance thermoplastic composite materials.

We manage the whole development cycle from the initial feasibility studies until the tooling and industrial production phases.

We master the molding process for a wide variety of materials : elastomers, high performance thermoplastics (PC, PBT, PPO, PPS, PSU, PA-66, PEI, PEEK … ) with all kinds of charges (mineral, glass fibers, carbon fibers).

We are also able to manufacture parts through overmolding of any kind of metallic inserts.

We also provide a wide range of finishing options and manufacturing solutions for complete interconnection systems.

We operate 17 injection molding machines with capacities ranging from 15 T to 180 T as well as Smop-type machines. We are able to produce a wide range of parts ranging from millimetric size up to 50 cm and a few hundred grams.