For over 30 years, we have been the leading specialist of N.S1 safety relays connectors used in signaling applications.

Our products are used in railway networks all over the world and meet the highest safety standards.

Our range includes in particular:

    • N.S1–PFC.12-C (7.954.0380) and N.S1–PFC.12-W (7.954.4436) connectors


    • N.S1-PF.Co.24-C (7.954.4938) and N.S1-PF.Co.24-W (7.954.4431) connectors


    • 1, 2 and 3-modules plugboards and hoods (polycarbonate or metal) for N.S1 relays, track circuits and power supply for signalling systems.
N.S1–PFC.12-W connector
N.S1–PFC.12-W connector
N.S1-PF.Co.24-C connector
N.S1-PF.Co.24-C connector

We also produce a wide range of complementary products which contain capacitors (BPC), diodes (BPD), distribution blocks (N.S1-B.R4-c and W), testing pins (BST, B2ST) as well as remote operation and monitoring connection systems.

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